ASIAA AMiBA, The Array for Microwave Background Anisotropy
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Ho, Paul Distinguished Research Fellow PI
ASMAB1111 (02)2366-5311
Specialty: Radio Astronomy
Chen, Ming-Tang Deputy Director for Hawaii Operations; Research Fellow Co-I/Project Manager
ASMAB1018 (02)2366-5348
Hilo 201 (8089612931)
Specialty: Condensed Matter Physics
Chu, Tah-Hsiung Joint Research Fellow; Dept, Elec. Eng., NTU Co-I/IF & LO
NTU (02-23635251#541)
Specialty: Microwave Circuit
Han, Johnson Associate Research Engineer Co-I/Engineering
ASMAB1015 (02)2366-5344
Specialty: Microwave Engineering
Jiang, Homin Senior Research Engineer Co-I/Comuting Control
ASMAB1017 (02)2366-5347
Specialty: Digital Electronic Engineering Control Engineering
Koch, Patrick Associate Research Fellow (Tenured) Co-I/Science
ASMAB1323 (02)2366-5451
Specialty: Structure Formation, Clusters of galaxies, Molecular Clouds
Li, Chao-Te Senior Research Engineer Co-I/Correlator
ASMAB1016 (02)2366-5346
Specialty: Superconducting detectors and receivers, Backend signal processing
Lin, Kai-Yang AIM-CO Supporting Scientist Co-I/Project Scientist
ASMAB1304 (02)2366-5424
Specialty: Observational Cosmology, Galaxy Cluster; Radio Interferometry
Umetsu, Keiichi Research Fellow Co-I/Science
ASMAB1319 (02)2366-5446
Specialty: Observational Cosmology, Gravitational Lensing, Structure Formation in the Universe, Clusters of Galaxies
Wang, Huei Joint Research Fellow; Dept, Elec. Eng., NTU Co-I/MMIC LNA
Specialty: Electromagnetic Waves
Wu, Jiun-Huei Proty Joint Research Fellow; Dept. Physics, NTU Co-I/Project Scientist
NTU 811 (02-3366-5157)
Specialty: Modern Cosmology
Chang, Shu-Hao Research Technician Engineering
ASMAB1026 (02)2366-5364
Specialty: Electrical Engineering
Chen, Chung-Cheng Technical Staff-SMA / AMiBA Engineering
ASMAB1026 (02)2366-5367
Specialty: Electrical Engineering
Cheng, John Assistant Systerm Manager Engineering
Hilo office (808-961-2970)
Chilson, Ryan Electronic/Electrical Technician Engineering
Hilo 212 (temporary) (8089612925)
Huang, Ted Senior Research Engineer Engineering
ASMAB1014 (02)2366-5342
Specialty: Mechanical Engineering, Receiver integration and performance verifications.
Kubo, Derek Y. Senior Engineer Engineering
Hilo 204 (808-961-2926)
Specialty: Electrical engineering, development and implementation of microwave instrumentation
Martin-Cocher, Pierre EE Engineer Engineering
ASMAB1031 (02)2366-5375
Specialty: Electronic Engineering, Instrumentation.
Raffin, Philippe A. Senior Mechanical Engineer Engineering
Specialty: Radio Antenna
Rao, Ramprasad Research Scientist Engineering
Hilo (8089612935)
Specialty: Researcher ; Magnetic Fields in Star Forming Regions ; Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Instrumentation ; Polarimetry
Srinivasan, Ranjani Programmer Engineering
Hilo 212 (808-961-2939)
Wei, Ta-Shun Research Technician Engineering
ASMAB1031 (02)2366-5372
Specialty: Mechanical Engineering
Liao, Yu-Wei Supporting Scientist Science
ASMAB1304 (02)2366-5422
Specialty: Observation and theoratical analysis of cosmic microwave background; Observation of 21 CM emission at the epoch of reionization.
Nishioka, Hiroaki Postdoctoral Research Fellow Science
ASMAB1327 (02)2366-5437
Specialty: Observational Cosmology, Structure Formation in the Universe, Statistics of the Galaxy Distribution, Telescope Testing/Commissioning, Telescope Control Software
Ho, Solomon AMiBA Operator Operator
AMiBA Microwave Lab (808-933-3408)
Oshiro, Peter EE Technician RCUH
Hilo (808-9333080)
Bower, Geoffrey Adjunct Research Fellow
Hilo 203 (808-931-2945)
Specialty: Transient radio sources, black holes, radio instrumentation and techniques.
Huang, Chih-Wei Locutus GLT/VLBI Supporting Scientist
ASMAB1305 (02)2366-5425
Specialty: Cosmic Microwave Background, Galaxy Clusters, Observational Cosmology
Lin, Yo-Shen Professor/ NCU
Molnar, Sandor Visiting Associate Professor
ASMAB1308 (02)2366-5416
Specialty: Cosmology, Clusters of Galaxies, SZ, X-ray Observations, Numerical Simulations
Huang, Chih-Wei Locutus Postdoc/NTU
ASMAB0816 (02)3366-8639
Wang, Fu-Cheng Postdoc/NTU
ASMAB0816 (02)3366-8639
Fu, Szu-Yuan Research Assistant/NTU
ASMAB0801 (02)3365-1020
Cheng, Tai-An Student/NTU
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